“By working with Synthesis Physical Therapists, the outcome was always positive because areas that needed attention felt better. Also, I gained more knowledge about why the problem existed as well as what I needed to do to keep affected areas healthy (knees, back, shoulder).

Renee Robinson, Dancer, New York, NY

“Sheyi felt like my big sister. She made sure I stayed on top of my daily exercises to get stronger and she was friendly.”

Daisha, Dancer/Recording Artist, New York, NY

“To visit a physical therapist for one session and feel better is uncommon, amazing, and a big deal.”

Matt Galvin, Software Developer, New York, NY

“After seeing Sheyi, I feel like I have a new body. She is by far the best physical therapist I have ever been to.”

Jonathan Lee, Faculty Member at Alvin Ailey, Choreographer, and Performer

“I started working with Sheyi about 5 months ago. I had a previous injury which prevented me from dancing to the full extent of my ability.

I’ve worked with many physical therapists before but none like Sheyi. Not only is she knowledgeable of her profession, she is intuitive to a dancer’s body and has a nurturing bedside manner.

After working with her my hips became more open, my flexibility was getting better, and my confidence was restored. I was able to get back in dance and gymnastics classes and was able to do things I thought were impossible before working with her. She really went the extra mile and provided me with the personal care that I needed in order to get back to my old self.”

Jonathan Lee, Faculty Member at Alvin Ailey, Choreographer, and Performer

“I’ve seen other physical therapists in the past for low back problems but achieved results only to a certain degree. Even with some progress from the therapy I was receiving and with my continuation of the practices, I was still experiencing pain with my hip and back being out of alignment.

When I started seeing Sheyi, she knew exactly what to do to help realign my pelvis and back. I saw her four different times and each time it felt like she was peeling away the layers of an onion. She was able to understand and treat my back on a deeper level and really uncover bigger issues and the root of all of my pain.”

Cathryn Williams, Former Dancer, New York, NY

“I’ve been a dancer since I was 5 years old so after a while, I started to feel some wear and tear. I had been dealing with shoulder injuries, neck, and lower back problems.

I worked closely with Sheyi, and she literally knows every “nook and cranny” of the body–especially of a dancer’s body. She understands that a dancer’s body isn’t the same as someone who may not be a dancer. Sheyi helped me see which muscles were weak and gave personal attention to them in order to fix and make them stronger. She gave me the confidence to continue in my dance career and I never felt broken.”

Daisha, Dancer/Recording Artist, New York, NY

“I’ve had back problems over the last few months. I had seen chiropractors throughout the years but nothing compared to my treatment with Sheyi.

After seeing Sheyi for one session, I was able to walk up and down the stairs and not feel any discomfort at all. My everyday life felt much better, from moving around to standing at work each day.

Matthew Galvin, Software Developer, New York, NY